Six Traits that Make Great Lab Technicians in a Diagnostic Facility

Six Traits that Make Great Lab Technicians in a Diagnostic Facility

Six Traits that Make Great Lab Technicians in a Diagnostic Facility

Are you looking to partner with a reliable and timely pathology lab?  As family physicians in Tampa, you want to trust the best lab service for your patients, as these tests provide you with the data and information you need to make diagnoses that determine their course of treatment.  These lab services are essential to their care.  When you work with a reliable lab service, you trust that they are staffed with great lab technicians.  These are some of the traits that make great lab technicians that work in a diagnostic setting.


Lab technicians need to be able to communicate with their fellow technicians, lab managers, medical partners, and clients.  They need to work closely with other technicians to complete complicated diagnostic tests, and this requires them to have verbal communication skills to allow tests to run smoothly and effectively.

Passion for Research

Many people choose to work in this industry because they have a passion and interest in research.  Because this job relies heavily on testing and collecting data, technicians need to possess strong research skills to make them good at their job.  From being able to chart data, analyze numbers, compare test results, and perform batch testing, technicians have important research jobs in the lab.


A lab facility has many moving parts.  If technicians drop the ball on one simple thing, it can effect the quality of the test results and the overall safety of the lab environment.  This can cause errors that lead to faulty diagnoses or injuries within the facility.  Because of this, technicians must be organized and attentive to their workspace.  

Computer Literacy

Many technicians work with computers, equipment, and technology that requires training and expertise to operate.  Those with computer literacy have an upper edge over those who have no technical skills and training.  

Problem Solving Skills

Labs require technicians to have problem solving skills that give them a chance to look at the whole picture and make difficult decisions.  When technicians have difficult cases, they need to be able to crunch numbers, perform more diagnostic tests, and look at all the information to make the right decision.

Ability to Work with a Team

Lab technicians often work as a team with other technicians.  Each technician may bring a different specialty or set of knowledge to the table, which allows them to focus on specific aspects of the diagnostics process.  The whole team offers the entire package to provide the client with the more accurate results possible.  Those who work as a team can provide more quality testing services to their patients.

These are a few traits that make a great lab technician that works in a diagnostic facility.  When lab technicians possess all of these traits, they become a valuable asset to a facility that works with family physicians in Tampa.  If you are looking for a pathology lab with great technicians, contact CarePath Diagnostic Partners to hear about our testing capabilities today.

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