Should I Get a Skin Biopsy?

Should I Get a Skin Biopsy?

Should I Get a Skin Biopsy?

Are you worried about strange growth on your skin?  Do you recognize a raised lump on your skin that is also irritating or itchy?  Our skin can present a host of issues.  While most of them may be harmless, there are also some that warrant medical attention.  Anytime you notice something strange on your skin, like color-changing growths, raised lumps, or darkening spots, you will want to have a dermatologist take a look at it.  As a dermatology pathology lab service in Tampa, FL, we help many dermatologists with their testing needs.   There are a few reasons why our patients may need a skin biopsy to have their cells tested for skin disorders.

You Notice a Red, Uncomfortable Skin Irritation That Won't Go Away

Typically, dermatitis is categorized by skin inflammation that appears to be red and swollen.  If it is uncomfortable, dry, or irritating, you will want to see a doctor for treatment options.  Typically, dermatitis can be treated with topical prescription of over-the-counter creams, oils, and lotions.  However, in some more severe cases, you may have sores, rashes, or poor blood circulation that creates larger issues.

You Have a Family History of Skin Cancer

One of the most common reasons that you may need to have a skin biopsy is to rule out a skin cancer diagnosis.  From basal cell carcinoma to melanoma, there are a few different types of skin cancer that you will want to test for.  By engaging in frequent skin check-ups, you will be able to increase the likelihood that cancers are caught in their early stages.  Early detection is the best preventative measure when you are concerned about the threat of cancer, as you can catch it and treat it before it spreads throughout your body.

You Have Too Much Sun Exposure

These rough, scaly patches develop on the skin from having years of exposure to the sun.  Actinic keratosis typically appears after the age of 40 in individuals that have spent many hours in the sun.  When detected early, this skin condition can be treated.  However, if it is left untreated, it can develop into skin cancer in roughly 5-10% of patients.

You Suspect You Have a Skin Infection

Common skin infections include cellulitis, impetigo, furuncles, and folliculitis.  These diseases are caused by different strains of bacteria, and they differ in their severity and symptoms.  Cellulitis, for example, is painful and spreading rash-like skin condition that is warm to the touch.  It also might cause a fever.  When you suspect that you are suffering from a skin infection, your dermatologist will want to test skin samples to determine whether you need antibiotics or other medications to treat the disease.

These are four reasons why you may need to seek medical treatment to have a skin biopsy sent to the lab for further testing.  As a dermatology pathology lab service in Tampa, we help many doctors get their patients the quick and reliable testing they need.  Contact us to hear more about how we can help you with your diagnostic needs today.

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