Five Reasons You Shouldn't Skip the Sunscreen This Summer

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Skip the Sunscreen This Summer

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Skip the Sunscreen This Summer

As the summer quickly approaches, it means that even more sunny and warm days are ahead.  When the sun becomes much stronger in the summertime, it puts your skin at risk for UV exposure and issues that UV rays bring.  As a quality dermatology pathology lab service in Tampa, we have seen first-hand the dangers of sun exposure on your skin.  There are many reasons why you shouldn't skip wearing your SPF when you are in the sun this summer.

Protects You from UV Rays

Perhaps one of the most dangerous aspects of sun exposure is the exposure to UV rays.  UV rays can cause your skin to burn, and it can also increase your risk of melanoma, which can become deadly skin cancer if neglected.  In order to properly protect yourself from these rays, you will want to wear a sunscreen with a high SPF to block these rays from seeping into your skin and causing damage.

Lowers the Risk of Skin Cancer

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer?  Many people that get skin cancer catch it early, and they are able to recover quickly by removing the mole or freckle off the skin before the cancer spreads.  However, some people get skin cancer and require extensive treatment to eradicate the cancerous cells from the body.  Sunscreen is one of the best lines of defense when you are protecting yourself from skin cancer.

Prevents Skin Aging

Sun damaging can also cause your skin to age quicker than it should, which can cause wrinkles, sun spots, and baggy skin over time.  By reducing your exposure to the sun and wearing sunscreen with a high SPF, you can protect yourself from these early signs of aging. 

Maintains Even Skin Tone

Sun spots are also common in those that spend an abundant amount of time in the sun.  This is especially true for those who love to lie in the sun trying to tan their skin.  Although the tan may make you look good for the summer, when the tan fades, the sun spots may not. 

Protects Your Fair Skin

Those who have fair skin or red hair are more prone to sun damage in their skin than those who have darker toned skin.  Because of this, these individuals will want to wear sunscreens with a higher SPF, protective hats and sunglasses, and sleeves when they are in the sun.  Protecting yourself is the best way to avoid sun damage to your skin.

These are a few of the great reasons why you need to continue to protect your skin by using sunscreen.  Protecting yourself against UV rays will lower your risk of skin issues, like cancer.  If you are in need of a quality dermatology pathology lab service in Tampa, contact our experts to hear about our lab services today.

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