What to Do When You Are Having a Skin Reaction

What to Do When You Are Having a Skin Reaction

What to Do When You Are Having a Skin Reaction

Have you been irritated by an itchy patch on your skin?  Have you noticed a rash forming on your arms or legs?  Do you have blemishes or hives as a reaction to something you ate?  There are many types of skin reactions, and unfortunately there are just as many causes.  If you have noticed a skin irritation or irregularity, you will likely want to have it checked out by family physicians in Tampa.  These medical professionals will be able to perform diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your contact dermatitis, or skin irritation.  When you notice a skin irritation or irregularity, there are a few steps that you should follow in order to get the right treatment.

Notice Any Changes to Your Environment

Before you jump to any conclusions, you should first consider whether there have been any changes to your environment.  Are you having an allergic reaction?  Some of the main causes of skin irritations range from exposure to pet dander to chemicals in common household products.  If you have recently changed up your routine or are in a new location, you may simply be having a reaction to these changes.

Note Any Food Allergies or Changes in Your Diet

Food allergies are another common trigger that can cause skin issues, like itchy skin, blemishes, blisters, stings, and redness.  Think about any changes that you've recently made to your diet or any new foods that you have tried.  Track some of the things that you've recently eaten to give the doctor a clear view of what you have been up to.  This will help them better assess the underlying cause of your skin irritation.

Contact a Medical Professional

If your skin reaction is persisting, you will want to seek medical attention.  Visit your family physicians in Tampa to have a doctor take a look at your skin irritation.  They may ask you a series of questions to try to determine the underlying cause.  Also, once they perform an exam, they will be able to identify the issue, whether it's contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction, or another skin disorder.

Have Testing Performed to Diagnose the Issue

Your doctor may suggest having more testing done in order to determine the cause of your skin reaction.  This will prevent it from happening in the future, as these tests can indicate the cause.  Path testing is commonly done for skin irritations in order to determine any allergic reactions.  These tests will help inform you of anything going on so that you know to avoid those triggers in the future.

These are a few steps that you should follow when you notice any skin irregularity or your feel itchy and irritated skin.  Whether you have a noticeable reaction to a particular food or environmental trigger, you will still want to talk with family physicians in Tampa to get a medical opinion.  As a lab facility, we work closely with many of these physicians in order to provide quality and reliable diagnostic lab services.  Contact us to hear more about our diagnostic and pathology lab services today.

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