How Can I Get My Clients to Pay their Lab Bills?

How Can I Get My Clients to Pay their Lab Bills?

How Can I Get My Clients to Pay their Lab Bills?

Many patients struggle to pay their laboratory bills on time, if at all.  They often look at their medical bills and throw them aside.  This occurs for many reasons, including not having payments available, being confused about what they are paying for, and not being told about the payments up front.  You can avoid this by implementing a few practices into your lab customer services.  Here are six tips that will help you encourage your clients to pay up when they get their lab bills.

Pay Attention to Patient Concerns

The more timely you deal with patient issues, the more reputable and trustworthy your laboratory will become.  Many medical facilities like to have patient results back within a turnaround time of 24-48 hours, if not less.  By resolving patient issues quickly, patients will remember that quality service and be more likely pay up when it's time.

Avoid Technical, Specialized Language

Sometimes patients open their laboratory bills and immediately set it aside because they have no idea what they just read.  Language on the bill is often technical and full of laboratory jargon that doesn't translate to the average person.  Avoid this by also including laymen's terms on the data sheets and bills.  It will be clear to the patient exactly what services for which they are paying.

Provide Practices with Knowledge

By including even more relevant information to your laboratory results sheet, you can assist medical professionals in providing the most accurate and precise medical care.  Give them additional information, statistics, common treatment options, and in-depth analysis of the laboratory results from any tests they've sent to you.

Properly Train Staff

Be sure that your staff is fully trained on the best lab practices.  You should aim to have monthly trainings to update them on new lab procedures, proper data reporting techniques, and customer service practices.  By keeping your staff fully trained, they will always be prepared to handle client relationships.

Customize Your Services for Each Client

Showing your patients and medical practitioners that they are valuable to you is an integral part of laboratory success.  Whenever you establish a connection by adding personalized and tailored services to your clients, you establish a relationship based on trust.  This will help to increase your laboratory revenue over time, as it will build a positive reputation amongst those you serve.

Maximize Lab Productivity

Working in a laboratory should be a smooth and optimized process, but sometimes this isn't the case.  Be sure to focus on optimizing your lab performance, providing timely test results, and increasing technician productivity.  

These are just a few of the tips to get your clients to pay their lab bills and start seeing an increase in your lab's revenue.  Even though your services will always be needed by medical professionals, you still need to be putting money back into the lab to stay up and running.  It is critical to receive patient payments to do so.  If you are in need of quality dermatology pathology lab services in Tampa, contact us today to hear about our expert lab practices and procedures.


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