Four Strategies to Optimize Laboratory Workflow

Four Strategies to Optimize Laboratory Workflow

Four Strategies to Optimize Laboratory Workflow

A workplace that runs smoothly often has a fluid workflow, great environment, and supportive team.  Creating a fluid workflow can be a challenge in a diagnostic lab setting.  Because there are many moving parts, different tasks, and required rapid results in a diagnostic lab, good workflow is critical in the success of the lab.  All of the moving parts need to work together to provide optimum results for medical clients.  As a dermatology pathology lab service in Tampa, we have worked to create an efficient workflow for our lab experts to do their job for our valued medical practices and their patients.  There are four strategies that can help you create an efficient workflow in your lab.

Appealing Work Space

By creating a workspace that is attractive and appealing, you make your lab technicians want to be at work.  Create an organized work space that is free of clutter and ugly distractions.  This will allow your staff to stay visually focused on the task at hand.  Also, enhance you lab space by giving lots of opportunity for natural light, which will boost energy and motivation.  These simple tactics can elevate moods and promote a fluid work space that makes employees want to work.

Ergonomic Furniture

Lab technicians spend much of their time on their feet and sitting in chairs.  Be sure to offer them comfortable furniture, such as ergonomic chairs with wheels.  This will provide a level of comfort that makes sure their back is supported.  It also enables them to move freely between one task and another, which will promote an efficient workflow and a productive environment.

Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is not only critical for proper sight during important lab tests, but it is also boosts mood.  When employees are happier, they are more inclined to enjoy the work they do, and do it well.  Proper lighting, like overhead lighting, under-the-shelf lighting, and small table lighting can work wonders for lab technicians as they work on tasks that may be difficult to see.

No Distractions

Whenever a workspace has many distractions, employees are incapable of focusing on the task at hand.  They are easily disrupted, which can also lead to making more mistakes.  By providing a space that is free of distractions, you provide your employees with a chance to optimize their work productivity and also make fewer errors.  When working in the lab, errors can create skewed data and false test results, so preventing distractions is critical.

These are just a four strategies to create an optimal workflow in your diagnostic laboratory.  In our dermatology pathology lab service in Tampa, we value our testing and diagnostic procedures that allow us to assist in making diagnoses for many dermatology patients.  Our clients value our efficiency, which is thanks to our optimal workflow in our lab.  Contact us to hear about our dermatology pathology services for your Tampa medical practice needs today.

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