Five Safety Rules Every Lab Technician Must Follow

Five Safety Rules Every Lab Technician Must Follow

Five Safety Rules Every Lab Technician Must Follow

Many people are unaware of what it takes to work in a lab setting and perform the dangerous job lab technicians are required to do.  Handling blood samples, dangerous equipment, and contaminated materials is a natural part of the job when working in a lab that serves family practitioners in Tampa.  When you work in a lab, you need to follow these critically important safety rules in order to prevent injury.

Follow Directions

One of the most basic ways to stay safe while working in a lab is to follow the instructions of your procedures.  Become familiar with the proper steps to follow for common procedures, experiments, and tests.  Knowing these steps before you begin will prevent mistakes and injuries from occurring.  Also, it will preserve the equipment by ensuring proper care.  

Locate All Safety Equipment

In case of an accident or emergency, you should always be aware of where the find help.  Labs are stocked with proper equipment in case of emergencies, such as eye washes and showers.  You will want to know the location of safety equipment so you are not lost in the event of an accident.

Wear the Appropriate Attire

Lab technicians must follow the recommended dress code.  This helps protect both the experiments and their body.  It is recommended to cover any exposed skin, such as toes and fingers, when performing certain experiments.  Gloves, closed-toed shoes, and lab coats are often worn to protect your body and clothing from accidental spills or contamination.  

Keep Food and Drink Out of the Lab

It is healthy to avoid bringing any food or drink in the pathology laboratory setting.  This prevents any cross-contamination between your substances and the samples you are testing.  Also, do not store your lunch or any other food items in the laboratory refrigerators.  This could be damaging to your food.  Keep your drinks out of the lab to avoid spills and distractions.

Properly Dispose of Waste

Much of the waste from your laboratory will need to be properly disposed of by following certain regulations.  Medical waste, such as needles, blood samples, and contaminated products, will need to be treated as such.  They require specific trash bins designated for biohazardous waste.  Familiarize yourself with your lab's waste removal policies to ensure their proper care.

These are just five of the safety rules that lab technicians must follow to stay safe on the job.  When you are a family practitioner in Tampa looking to hire the safest and best pathology lab for your testing needs, you want to know about their safety protocols.  Contact us today to hear about how we keep our labs safe so we can deliver the best results to you and your patients.


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