Why You Should Trust CarePath Diagnostic Partners with Your Lab Testing

Why You Should Trust CarePath Diagnostic Partners with Your Lab Testing

Why You Should Trust CarePath Diagnostic Partners with Your Lab Testing

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable diagnostic laboratory to help with your medical facility's diagnostics?  Look no further than the experts at CarePath Diagnostic Partners.  As a premiere diagnostic laboratory facility, we provide medical facilities and family practitioners in Tampa with quality lab services.  We strive for the best for you so that you can provide the best for your patients.  There are many reasons why you should trust CarePath Diagnostic Partners with your lab testing needs.

Quick Turnaround Time

In a medical setting, turnaround time is critical in patient diagnostics and treatment.  The faster the lab results come back, the sooner the treatment can be started.  This truly helps to save lives and minimize the intensity of treatments.  At CarePath Diagnostic Partners, we offer 24-48 hour turnaround times with compromising quality.

Distinguished Medical Staff

When we are working in the lab, we value the knowledge and expertise our laboratory technicians bring to the job.  Our distinguished, trained, and experienced staff sets us apart from other lab settings.  By having trained medical professionals, we are better equipped to help our clients make important and effective decisions for their patients.  We also have more accurate results.

Better Patient Outcomes

Our reliable and trustworthy laboratory services aim to help our family practitioners in Tampa to make quick diagnoses for their patients.  This then leads to a rapid implementation of treatment options that tend to be less intense or severe for the patient.  This process helps to create better patient outcomes in the long run.  Because we are able to act fast and reliably, your patients will be able to benefit from our services too.

Premiere Pathology Services

Pathology services aim to diagnose infectious diseases correctly and reliably.  By having a range of pathology services under one roof, we are able to help our clients detect more infectious diseases and implement solutions right away.  This helps you to only have to trust one laboratory service with all of your patients' needs.  Instead of having to test your patients multiple times and send out many samples, you can trust that CarePath Diagnostic Partners will be able to perform laboratory testing that seeks to find an answer.  

Ethical Practices and Credentials

Not only is our laboratory team highly experienced and full of medical professionals, we also value the rules and regulations that are set forth by the medical community, and we aim to perform our job both safely and ethically.   We provide quality assurance for each service we provide.  Also, our laboratory services accept a wide range of insurances so that your patients will likely find their coverage with us.

These are just a few of the reasons why CarePath Diagnostic Partners is the perfect match for your lab and diagnostic needs.  We assist many medical practices and family practitioners in Tampa to provide quality and reliable testing services to best diagnose patients.  Contact us today to hear about our range of laboratory services.  


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